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Small Part Hazards

Small children love to place objects in their mouths. This is an important technique they use to sense, appreciate and understand the nature of their surroundings. This technique however exposes children to the risk of an object becoming lodged in their airway or trachea or perhaps being swallowed and causing possible blockages in the oesophagus or intestines.

Infant and nursery products intended for very young children should not contain small parts or potential choking hazards, such as labels.


  • Look for conformance of the product with Australian Standards
  • Examine products for any small parts which may become accessible to the child over time or which may detach from the product once it has been in use
  • Closely observe how your child interacts with the product and its components
  • Make sure your child cannot gain access to products older children may use which may be hazardous to younger children


  • Purchase products which contain dangerous small parts, especially where they are accessible to children
  • Allow your child to play with products (especially toys) which are intended for older children and which may have small parts
  • Assume your child will be able to reject items from their mouth which may be hazardous