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Drowning Hazards

Children can drown in as little as 5cm of water. Children should never be left alone for any amount of time in or near water. Products designed for use with water, such as bathing products - baths, supports and bath aids - should only ever be used with constant and vigilant adult supervision.

Despite specific warnings to maintain adult supervision and that the product is not a safety device, it may be tempting to occasionally respond to distractions when using such products and leave a child unattended for "just a moment".

Children in bath supports have died in circumstances where carers have been momentarily distracted.


  • Maintain strict adult supervision of children in or near water
  • Use products according to the manufacturers recommendations
  • Read and observe safety messages contained in warning labels


  • Leave a child unattended
  • Use bath supports or flotation devices as safety products
  • Overfill baths above recommended levels
  • Be tempted to respond to distractions when bathing small children unless you are prepared to take the child with you
  • Leave nappy buckets where small children can reach them