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Protrusions, Snags and Strangulation Hazards

Suppliers of infant and nursery products will try to ensure that their products are designed to minimize or avoid dangerous surfaces or parts on the product. Some products may however still contain protrusions, snag points or possible strangulation hazards which are not obvious to the carer.

Children can have their clothing caught on snag points and not be able to get free, have parts of their bodies injured by protrusions or sharp corners or edges, have their fingers and limbs caught in moving parts or components or become entangled in cords, elastic or other material which may result in strangulation.


  • Look for products which conform with Australian Standards
  • Examine products closely for hazardous parts, edges or surfaces
  • Closely watch your child's interaction with the product, especially as they become more mobile and inquisitive and gain better access to product parts
  • Avoid products with loose cords, ribbons or elastics
  • Avoid products with non-conforming openings, v-shapes or protrusions


  • Modify or use a product in such a way as to change the configuration or integrity of the product and possibly introduce hazardous protrusions, points or edges
  • Continue to use a product after it has been damaged in any way
  • Leave children unattended for lengthy periods of time
  • Dress your children in clothes which have cords or materials which may form a loop or potential snag point