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Entrapment Hazards

It is easy for a child's fingers, limb or head to become entrapped in gaps or openings, which may exist in certain products, particularly cots, prams, high chairs and barriers. Infant and nursery products are regulated in terms of the size of gaps and openings that are permitted. Common injuries range from cut or bruised fingers or limbs, broken limbs or in the worst case suffocations or strangulation.


  • Check that the product you are using conforms with Australian Standards
  • Look for manufacturer details and contact information
  • Seek out correct product use information
  • Look for information concerning size, age usage for the product
  • Read, understand and comply with any safety warnings
  • Ensure that the product is and continues to be suitable for your child
  • Regularly check your child's interaction with the product
  • Make sure the product remains sound and safe


  • Use incorrect fitting mattresses in cots
  • Leave a child without adult supervision
  • Use the product when it is damaged or there are parts missing