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General Information

Many incidents of child injury could be avoided by being aware of potential danger traps. Choosing a safe product is the first step-using it appropriately and according to the manufacturer's instructions is the next important step.

Some safety aspects and risks and hazards:

  • Common Risks and Hazards
  • Typical Hazardous Situations
  • Openings and Gaps
  • Protrusions, Sharp Corners, Moving Parts
  • Water and Drowning
  • Choking Hazards
  • Instability, Heights and Footholds

When purchasing products for children always buy new, if possible. The majority of new products have to meet exacting Australian Safety Standards and these standards are continually being updated. This means that a product considered safe a few years ago may now be considered dangerous.

All pre-used products should be carefully checked to make sure they are safe to use. Buying new product whenever you can will provide greater protection for your child.


  • Check that the product you are purchasing conforms with Australian Standards
  • Look for products which are suitable for your child's age range or size
  • Closely observe your child's use of or interaction with the product
  • Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for assembly or methods of operation and use


  • Use products in ways which are not recommended by the manufacturer
  • Use products which are outside the relevant age group recommended for the child
  • Ignore product safety warning labels and markings. They are placed on the products to maximize safe usage
  • Assume your child will be able to recognise a products potential hazards